Monday, February 18, 2008

For Sale...

No, no, no, we are not selling 2MH. Breath easy, the flying adventures will continue. In fact, in the works is a story about Saturday's flight to have the Garmin 430 WAAS installation completed.

Meantime, the 430 WAAS installation requires a 16MB data card. You get one with your unit, so we're covered there. For ease of updates, however, we use a second data card, and swap them out during following each update cycle.

The non-WAAS 430 uses a 4MB card. You can see the issue, right?

So, today, the IFR Pilot got on the phone and ordered the 430 WAAS data subscription and an additional 16MB card. That leaves us with a spare 4MB card. It's now available for your purchase.

The 4MB card retails new for $129. Ours is about 18 months old, meaning its been used maybe 10 times or so. It's got a relatively current database in it, which I think expired in January 2008. Rather than list it on eBay and get paid via PayPal, in the process paying way too much in service fees, I thought I'd see if any of the faithful readers of My Flying Blog would be interested. First $80 gets it, shipping included. That's a bargain compared to Jeppesen!!!

E-mail me at ifrblogger at gmail dot com if you are interested. There's a direct link in the upper right-hand corner of the site, as well.

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