Monday, July 16, 2007


Despite some nasty weather in the DelMarVa area this afternoon, MS and the IFR Pilot literally "threaded the needle" and managed to get from the Home Base to Dover, Delaware. About an hour of actual conditions, much of it after sunset, into a 2500' foot runway at 33N. Tomorrow, I work, and MS does whatever MS does to keep himself happy in the hotel.

Further updates upon return to the homestead.

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Gary Mascelli said...

IFR Pilot,

Make sure you give Ben the Manager some static about taking special care of your aircraft...tell him Gary in Engineering said so!!

I'll be at Cape May airport tomorrow (KWWD) working out a lighting problem in the vault with our Sparky people.

I'll hop the ferry and make a pass by 33N in the company car on the way back home to North Wilmington (KILG)in the afternoon.