Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Aviation Is Resuming Its Proper Place In My Life

It's self-evident that the IFR Pilot hasn't been much of an aviation junkie the last two months. Just look at the paucity of entries in this here little blogetty-blog. But looking forward to the next three weeks, it appears that my aviation feng shui is being restored:

Friday-Sunday of this week: Fly Mike Hotel to Toronto for the inaugual Blogging Pilot World fly-in. As I don't want to miss an entire day of work, I'll fetch Mike Hotel in the morning and commute to work by air. Then I bust out at lunch time and head for Toronto. Sounds like a plan, eh? All I need now are my USCIS decal and my charts that I ordered from Sporty's (I waiting too long and so the shipping rates and delays from any Canadian sources were prohibitive.)

Tuesday-Wednesday of next week: Return to Delaware for the removal of components from a wrecked aircraft that is the subject of litigation yours truly is helping defend. This will also involve commuting to work by air. It will also allow me to avoid the absurdity of a 45 minute flight to BWI and a 2+ hour drive to Delaware; instead, 2 hours and 34 minutes of flying time in Mike Hotel will put me within 20 minutes of my destination. That's a "much mo' bettah" proposition, as Justin Wilson would say.

July 31: The IFR Pilot serves as the AOPA Legal Services Plan at the Air Safety Foundation's presentation "Regulations: What Every Pilot Should Know." Since it's in Toledo (not Kent, as I was originally advised, but who cares), the IFR Pilot will be "forced" to once again commute by air to work, and then take Mike Hotel to the presentation.

It looks like a good month, aviation-wise. If only I could find some outlet to publish my RITTRs article...


Yourview said...

Thanks for the post. Where can I find out more about Pilot Blogging World? The website didn't provide much detail.

As a nascent pilot/flying blogger I am particularly interested.


Berenice said...

check out my flying channel on Kyte.tv


feel free to upload your pictures. I'm sure you have taken pictures from the sky.