Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Visions of New Orleans, Part 2

Day 2 of our adventure in New Orleans found us taking an early morning stroll to the Riverwalk in search of brunch and goodies for the folks at home. Riverwalk is a mall converted from space used in connection with the 1984 World's Fair held along the banks of the Mississippi. There's a lovely little outdoor balcony that affords stunning views like this:

After gorging ourselves and spending money on gifts, MS and the IFR Pilot parted for the afternoon. The IFR Pilot spent the afternoon with his old boss and getting a tour of some of Katrina's effects. The Old Boss lives in a posh neighborhood of Jefferson Parish. Even there you can still see some of the effects of the storm:

The water line is much more apparent in this close up:

Nearby was this classic scene -- a posh home undergoing construction, with a FEMA trailer parked on the lawn next to matching Jaguars. Only in Old Metairie:

Dinner was some homecooked BBQ shrimp. The IFR Pilot was presented with a cooler full of goodies to bring home, including more BBQ shrimp, shrimp dip, shrimp creole, gumbo, packages of cleaned crawfish tails, crawfish with angel hair pasta, jambalaya, and more. Yummy!

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