Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Not Looking So Good

By this time tomorrow, MS and the IFR Pilot should be safely in the French Quarter, sipping a hurricane from Pat O'Brien's and contemplating whether we should dine at Mr. B's Bistro, Palace Cafe, or Bacco -- in other words, you pick which Brennan family restaurant would be best.

But, the forecast suggests otherwise:

It's not looking so hot (groan, bad, bad pun) for us to leave tomorrow. Maybe Friday will be better:

Damn Great Lakes and lake effect snow!


phil said...

My favorite Brennan familly est. is Commander's Palace in the Garden district. Went there in Aug. '05 for lunch, among other dishes we had $.25 martinis and turtle soup.

IFR Pilot said...

Commander's only recently reopened, after extensive renovations following Katrina. But, after living in NOLA for 6+ years, I found that I wasn't much of a fan of the cuisine to be had there. Prefer the more nouveau dishes at the places mentioned in my post. Oh, and Emeril's too!

North West Pilot said...

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