Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Back In Business, Baby!!!

Best flying-related news the IFR Pilot has received in the last two months: Having an ulcer is not a condition that must be immediately reported to the FAA. As long as the Gastro Doc has cleared a return to normal activity levels (which he has as to the IFR Pilot), a pilot can resume flying. The paperwork drill about endoscopic evidence of healing only comes into play when it's time to renew a medical. Since the IFR Pilot doesn't have to do that for another 2 years, it's back to normal flight ops.

To celebrate, and assuming Mother Nature gets on board, it's an Angel Flight from MDW to CAK on Monday. JP's coming along, just in case. The IFR Pilot's mixed it up with the Big Iron at MDW before, so it should be no problem. But, some practice flights between now and then might be in order. Which explains why we're expecting 12" of snow between now and Friday morning...

But John, we're still going flying in March when I come to SFO.

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John said...

Excellent news! Good luck with the Angel Flight and the snow.