Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Looking Back and Going Forward

Looking Back

Unfortunately, 2011 was another valley in the peaks and valleys of the IFR Pilot's aviation career.  Here's a look at the cold, hard numbers and other matters of interest:
  • Total flights:  18
    • 17 in N62TB
    • 1 in N2447E, a G-1000 equipped Cessna 182T during a trip to Phoenix/Sedona.
  • Total flight hours:  32.0
    • 30.2 in TB20; 1.8 in C-182T.
    • 29.3 daytime; 2.7 night
    • 1.5 actual instrument; 3.2 simulated instrument
    • 23.0 hours cross-country
  • 31 day landings, 11 night landings
  • 12 approaches
  • New airports visited:  3 (KDVT, Phoenix, AZ; KAOO, Altoona, PA; KPKB, Parkersburg, WV)
  • Longest leg:  3.9 hours from KWST to the Home Base
  • 1 Angel Flight (boo, hiss, unacceptable give-back)
Here's the long-term picture of how 2011 stacks up against prior years:

There was a brief glimmer of hope that one more decent flight in 2011 would reverse the 4 year decline, but Momma Nature slammed the door on that idea with some crummy weather during the last week of December.

Going Forward

Here are a variety of things that ideally will be accomplished in 2012, in no particular order:
  • Sell 2TB, or better yet, find one or two partners to share the costs.  (Active discussions occurring as we speak.  Keep yer fingers crossed.)
  • Obtain single-engine commercial pilot certificate.
  • Obtain sea-plane rating.
  • Write more for the blog.
  • Get an nFlight Cam and post more videos to the blog.
  • Attend the Fly-In in Florida in April (if 2TB doesn't sell).
  • Find another outlet for publishing law-related aviation articles.
  • Fly five Angel Flights.
  • Master flying GPS approaches with the Garmin GNS480, both with and without the autopilot.
  • Fly at least once with a local TV personality.


Josh said...

I work for a pilot shop and I need to get them to carry that flight cam. My buddy down in Tampa mounts the cam in a Pitts that he flies. He has some amazing footage.

Zoltan said...
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