Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Garmin 480 Instruction?

Any recommendations for a CFII, preferably located in the Great Lakes or Mid-Atlantic, who can offer instruction on the intricacies of the Garmin 480 (nee CNX-80) GPS? A recent event-filled flight suggested that a day or two of intensive instruction with someone who knows this box in and out would be well worth the investment. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


At 9/14/2010 11:11:00 AM, Blogger ddf said...

I agree. I have found that simply knowing the 'first layer of menus" is not enough. GNS 430/530 are fantastic, but you really have to work hard to understand the full capability, which means lot of study AND instruction. I would be interested in learning more about the event that triggered this post.

At 9/14/2010 06:14:00 PM, Blogger John Ewing said...

Well if you don't mind paying my airfare and expenses to OH, I'd be happy to help out ... ;-)

At 9/15/2010 12:16:00 PM, Blogger Greg Brown said...

Ron Levy. He is in Maryland, but frequently travels west. He does instrument instruction for one of those accelerated schools and is therefore familiar with just about every system. He also instructs on the side, which is how I used him. I'm sure he knows the 480. Send me an email and I'll give you his contact info.

At 9/27/2010 09:28:00 AM, Anonymous Flying eBooks said...

Sounds too complicated. 530 should be easier.


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