Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Among the Living

Yes, yes, yes, the IFR Pilot is still with y'all. Been quiet on the aviating front since July, when I went Up North for a bit and still haven't had time to post a Pirep of our Adventures On The Georgian Bay (tm).

However, things are looking up. Nice weather tomorrow evening may allow a return to active flight status with a few night currency takeoffs and landings. And then, next week? "Beautiful" Rockford, Illinois for work. Keep yer fingers crossed.

Oh, yeah, got an "A" in Principles of Management. Starting another class in mid-November, haven't decided which yet.

Check back soon.


Annie Bankss said...

'A' in Principles of Management- Good for you man !! Keep Going

Annie Here
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Bill said...

Yay!! Glad all is well and grats on the A

Flyin' Hawk said...

If you are flying to Rockford, I strongly recomend stoping at Poplar Grove C77 and check out the Wings and Wheels Museam

Rob said...

Hi there - you asked in my journal about my friends' aviation law course. I was taking a little bit of literary license. Right now she's doing an online BS in Aviation from Embry Riddle out of their Oakland campus. When that's done in a year or two, she'll have to go to some kind of face-to-face law school - unless you know of a place she can do it online! - Rob