Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"You Flyin' A Jet???"

The trials and tribulations that are the practice of law coalesced and sent the IFR Pilot back to Buffalo. Twice in six weeks. Ugh, why can't we have some clients with legal predicaments in more exotic places?

Anyway, it was an absolutely beautiful afternoon to fly. The flight plan was filed was ACO DKK LODIY KBUF, and the clearance came back "as filed." Nice, gotta love that. Climbed immediately to 5000, and caught a tailwind. Ground speeds averaged 145+ for the better part of the trip. Wheels up to wheels down was 1:20, much faster than one could do the trip by car.

Cleared for the visual to 23 behind a landing DC-9, the ALSF2 was lit up in all its glory. The ILS was dialed in just for practice, and the IFR Pilot managed to hold the glide slope all the way to touchdown. Wahoo!

Best part was as soon as I had parked at the FBO and turned on the cell phone, it started ringing. MS must have been watching the trip on Flight Aware. Opening salvo:

"What were you flying? A jet?"

Obviously not. But Flight Aware reported an initial ground speed in excess of 160 -- even though I'm certain it never got that high.

All good things must come to an end, however. I'm sure that todays tailwind will be tomorrow's massive headwind, and it'll take three hours to return to the Home Base. Oh well, as long as I make it back for Trick Or Treating, it'll be all good.

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