Monday, September 17, 2007

He's Going Flying...

It's been crazy, crazy, crazy the IFR Pilot's world the last few months. There's been no flying whatsoever. Last week, I finally climbed back in the saddle and did three night takeoffs and landings. So, I'm good for the next 90 days to carry paxs at night, a very useful thing as the days grow shorter and night arrives sooner.

But, today through Wednesday, I'll be putting Mike Hotel to good use. Tonight, I'll blast off from the Home Base and head to KOSU. Not a long flight, an hour or so, but so much better than driving to Columbus. What's the occasion, you ask? The IFR Pilot is presenting at the annual meeting of the Ohio Aviation Association. I'll be bridging the aviation/law gap, and hopefully the attendees will find my remarks to be of at least some interest.

Then, tomorrow afternoon, I blast off from KOSU to KBUF. A lovely little flight following the shore of Lake Erie. The occasion is an appearance in federal court on Wednesday morning.

Can I gloat a bit, and just say how certifiably awesome it is not to have to drive from Columbus to Buffalo? The computer says that would be about a 5.25 hour drive. Via Mike Hotel, it's under two hours. Plus, I can jump right back to work after court on Wednesday, rather than killing the day driving back home.

That's it, kids. I will try to remember to bring the camera, as the weather gods predict CAVU weather for tonight's flight, and probably the same for tomorrow. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming...

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