Monday, July 24, 2006

NC and back

The IFR Pilot has returned from his sojurn to Wilmington, North Carolina for the soccer tournament.

Notes to self:

1. Oil pressure will, in fact, drop into the yellow region if you don't add oil before takeoff.

2. You do not enjoy explaining #1 to the fire crew that meets you on the ramp.

3. It really annoys you to have to undergo #2 after you told ATC you did NOT have an emergency, you just wanted a straight-in approach, rather than one that required you to circle the airport, so that you could land and explore the "abnormally low oil pressure indication" when the winds were reported as "calm" and there was no other traffic to be heard on the approach frequency.

4. 4:00 in the morning arrives very early.

5. Airports are very spooky at 4:45 in the morning. It makes the preflight especially challenging, even with a flashlight.

6. You do not enjoy the sight of lightning off the coast when you are ready to depart in 10 minutes.

7. Sometimes it doesn't matter that you had nothing to drink in the morning that affects whether you have to go tinkle during a flight. How much you drank the night before may also contibute to your environmental needs.

8. The large container that formerly held Planter's Honey Roasted Peanuts that you brought along for the flight should no longer be used to hold any food substances...

That is all for now.

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