Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The IFR Pilot humbly apologizes for the lack of recent posts. Tomorrow evening should allow sufficient spare time to post the narrative of the final leg of the trip from San Diego to the Home Base with 2MH.

Since then, however, the IFR Pilot has logged 1.4 hours with AW and 1.5 hours with JD, both CFI's extraordinare. Even got a BFR out of it, so we're legal for another 2 years.

Last night was with AW. Took 2MH out and did some basics: slow flight, steep turns, power on and off stalls, then takeoffs and landings. Did about 5 at BJJ, with its longer runway just to work on the pitch attitude and sight picture.

Tonight was with JD, who has a punch of Piper time under his belt. First takeoff from the Home Base was a bit nerve wracking, as the IFR Pilot let 2MH settle back onto the runway before getting back off and climbing. Apparently, a bit more back pressure was needed.... Go figure.

Then it was back to BJJ for more landings. After about 6 of them, including an elective go around due to excessive altitude on final, things started to shape up a bit. Even manged to grease one of them in. We also did short field and normal (no flap) takeoffs.

Once that was done, it was back to the Home Base to work on shoehorning 2MH into our lovely little 2350 x 35 runway. Hey, there weren't pretty and the touchdown was consistently firm, but we never even came close to overruning the runway, so that's a real confidence booster.

So, with 12.5 hours of dual in 2MH and 18 landings, the IFR Pilot is ready to venture out in 2MH by himself. (MS did so himself today and reports no problems.) So, what better way to start burning off the 10 solo hours required by the Insurance Gods than going to visit the family in CT. Should take between 7 and 8 hours, so that will be delightful. Long range weather shows clear and a million in our area, hopefully it'll be the same in New England.

Look for a full and complete status report of the trip on Sunday when the IFR Pilot retuns home.

We also signed the paperwork for JP to acquire all of the interests in 78S. A bit sad to say goodbye to that lovely lady who sheparded me through the instrument rating, trips to CT to see the family, a New England flying vacation, and, of course, The Great Alaska Flying Adventure (tm) . While there's no doubt that Mike Hotel will provide many great experiences, there's always a soft spot in your heart for your first love -- and your first airplane. Take good care of her JP, my faithful reader, or we'll come kick your tail!

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