Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Alternator Repairs

The IFR Pilot's way behind on updating the blog. Sorry, kids. Every once and a while, work interferes with blogging.

For those that care, the final tally for repairs to the alternator was a mere $245. Our beloved A&P found the adjustable arm for $50, welded the bracket that secures the alternator to the engine block, and did an improvised repair of the carbureator air filter bracket. MS is taking her next week to have the propeller dynamically balanced at Tiffin Aire for $220. Hopefully, that investment will prove cheaper than any other repairs to the engine that might result from excessive vibrations caused by the prop.

Of course, if any of you think there's other possible culprits for causing the series of bracket failures we experienced other than the properller, PIPE UP.

(Look for pictures of the repairs to be posted later this evening.)

That is all.

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