Friday, February 03, 2006

Training Podcasts

A recent e-mail asked the IFR Pilot if he knew of any podcasts related to aviation training.

The answer is no, I haven't seen any -- though I think it's a great idea.

The closest that I have seen is an on-line ground school. You can check it out here:

Y'all have a nice weekend!

[Edit: I've seen a number of different aviation-related podcasts, just not anything that focuses specifically on training issues. But 's link to sure seems to hit the nail on the head! Thanks John -- only a month until we do that Bay Area flight...]


John said...

Check out Jason's podcasts at:

Dave said...

Although not specifically training, one of my favorites is:

Michael Hays said...

those are the two best. i especially recommend jason millers podcast "the finer points"

Anonymous said...

There's one out of Australia called the Student Pilot Podcast that started in the last month or so. As near as I can tell, almost everything is identical to the US. Very informative. #8, in particular, is on weather, and I've listened to it twice and expect to listen to it again.